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Passion :iconcdoom85:Cdoom85 3 3
The Drunken Stupor Part Two
The two of them walk inside it, looking at the barrels.
"What is this place?" Dark Cloud asked. "Why are we in a farm, Riolu?..."
Kailob looked at Dark Cloud and replied, "I dunno, Dark Cloud. Besides, I believe--"
"Yeah, right," Dark Cloud interuppted Kailob as looked at a barrel. "Mm? A barrel with an apple on it?..."
"Come on, Dark--" Kailob managed to say before falling into a hole in the floor.  
"AAAAH!!!" Riolu screamed, flaying his arms around.
Dark Cloud teleported to near a huge barrel downstairs. "Riolu, are you okay?!" No response.
Dark Cloud backed away and saw what happened to Kailob. "Oh no..." he said quietly. "Did he fall into this apple cider barrel?"
Dark Cloud placed his tentacle on the barrel and shouted, "Riolu? Riolu! Are you there?"
Dark Cloud suddenly realized something he knows: Kailob can't swim.
"I forgot that he can't... ...swim..." he said, tears forming in his eye.
To be continued...
:iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 2 6
My Riolu plush :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 12 20 Phobias... :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 4 88 Another moment that happened... :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 4 35 Koroyoto Face :iconvirmir:Virmir 36 7 Argro Drawing :iconcomicandblue-firuko:COMICANDBLUE-FIRUKO 30 62 I hatch a shiny eevee!Yay!(In Pokemon Platinum) :iconreyna174:Reyna174 6 4 Snowee :iconjufnaty:Jufnaty 40 16 Daily Problems -Short Term Memory Loss- :iconsesshaxiii:SesshaXIII 13 18 Flammie :iconvirmir:Virmir 55 14
Mato's forms

The stuff below is not the reference. It's a list of forms.
Main forms
        Creator: Matojeje 
        Current owner: Matojeje 
        Reference by Thwill (digitized by Matojeje) and Zorobutt (headshot)
           Don't forget to draw the note on the headphones.
           While transforming from this form, the hair usually doesn't change or is the last to change.
           Under the hoodie, Mato wears a dark blue tee with some cyan stripes in the shape of
:iconmatojeje:Matojeje 6 4
Five nights at the Underground His Location :iconluckyrabbit31:LuckyRabbit31 17 14 Hope In Friends Chapter 2 Page 9 :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 96 79 Magic Draggy- VulpineKeyblader :icong00drah:G00DRAH 83 10 Air Dragon- Inktober #19 :icong00drah:G00DRAH 115 9


Hi there!This is Leo.You are about to read this new story from day 1.Start!
The first day on dA
L(Leo):I'm so bored that I may even die....nevermind.Maybe I should look for something to do on the Internet.
*after 3 hours of searching thru them internet stuff*
L:What's this?Deviantart?
And it begins.


Leo (Hi!)
Hoi.*prepares a wooden lance**is ready to kill*


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